Reasons to Purchase Bike Insurance Online

Buying a new bike is exciting for everyone. You do in-depth research on the make, model, and features of the bike you buy. But do you know that you must buy a bike insurance policy too?

Are you wondering why bike insurance is necessary? The answer is that it is a legal mandate. Moreover, bike insurance provides you with financial coverage if your bike meets with an accident or other mishaps.

With the advancement in technology, you need not physically visit the insurance company’s office to purchase bike insurance. These days, you need not depend on a single insurer to buy bike insurance and can compare two wheeler insurance from several insurers.

For this, compare bike insurance quotes from multiple insurers and select a plan that suits your budget and coverage needs. Moreover, you can buy bike insurance online.

Buying a bike insurance policy online is a convenient and hassle-free process. Let us look at why you should get insurance online for a bike.

Benefits of Buying Two-wheeler Bike Insurance Online

Many people are still not comfortable with the idea of making an online purchase of a bike insurance policy. If you are apprehensive about buying a two-wheeler insurance policy online and are wondering why it is better than buying it offline, here are the reasons that will help you decide.

  • Time-saving:

Visiting the insurance company’s office and applying for two-wheeler insurance physically is a time-consuming process. On the other hand, you can buy online bike insurance from your home or workplace with just a few clicks. Moreover, there is no need to wait for the insurer’s office hours to apply for an online bike insurance plan. You can do this at your convenience using a personal computer or phone and a secure internet connection.

  • Easy comparison:

It is a tedious task to physically visit the offices of several insurers to understand their offerings. Instead, you can compare the cost and coverage extent of bike insurance plans from multiple insurers online and choose the plan most suitable to your needs. You can even compare the various types of bike insurance policies online and make a more informed decision.

  • Zero paperwork:

Some leading insurers, like Tata AIG, require zero paperwork to process an online bike insurance plan. You need not submit photocopies of your documents to the insurer and can even access all the information and policy documents online.

  • No middlemen:

When you purchase a two-wheeler insurance policy offline, you need to engage an agent or middleman. These agents may charge an intermediary fee, which may increase the policy’s cost. No such agents are involved in online two-wheeler insurance. It reduces the cost of the bike insurance policy.

  • Easy policy renewal:

You must renew your bike insurance plan once it expires. It is relatively easier to renew your insurance plan online since all your policy-related information and documents are already saved in the insurer’s database.

  • After-sales services:

Buying an online bike insurance plan opens the doors for excellent after-sales services from the insurer. You can file for a claim, renew your policy, or get a query or issue resolved online in no time.

  • Customer reviews:

It is a smart idea to visit the insurance company’s website to go through the existing customers’ reviews. Feedbacks from existing customers give a fair idea of the policy’s actual quality and the authenticity of the insurer. This way, you do not end up investing your hard-earned money in a bike insurance plan which has not gone down well with existing customers or which fails to meet expectations.

  • Policy details:

You can visit the insurance company’s website and go through the policy details as many times as you want. It gives you complete knowledge about the inclusions, exclusions, eligibility, documentation, premium, riders, and other aspects of the two-wheeler policy. Complete knowledge about your bike insurance plan can save you from rejection when you file a claim in the future.

  • Instant purchase:

Earlier, when people bought a bike insurance policy, they would receive a cover note instead of the policy. Customers would receive the original policy papers after several days of payment when the insurance company would mail them. An online bike insurance policy gives you instant access to digitally signed policy documents as soon as the application is processed and payment is made.


A bike insurance policy is a binding document you require with your two-wheeler. You can conveniently buy a bike insurance policy online and save yourself from the hassle of physically visiting the insurer’s office.

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