Privacy Tips for Bitcoin Transactions

A bitcoin transaction can be traced because it’s pseudo-anonymous. Graphs of BTC transactions are publicly available.

Therefore, anyone proficient at dissecting digital currency addresses can club private and public addresses together. Using email addresses, IP addresses, and social media accounts, link them together.

Aside from this, you can trace your bitcoin activity in a number of other ways. It is possible, however, to make your BTC transactions private by using a few tried-and-true methods.

Get Bitcoin payments to new addresses

The Bitcoin Foundation advises users to use a new address every time they receive Bitcoin payments. A Bitcoin wallet can also help you keep your bitcoin transactions private.

As a result, all your BTC transactions would be effectively isolated. As a result, it would be difficult to link them together. It is believed that this method is the most crucial for making BTC transactions private, according to Bitcoin foundations.

Bitcoin users won’t know what you do with your other BTC addresses when they send you funds.

With Tor, you can mask your IP address

Bitcoin relays can be listened to quite easily. You may have also used the same devices for making your valuable BTC transfers, which means trackers may record their IP addresses.

The problem can be solved. Bitcoin transactions can be conducted privately. The best way to do this is by using a tool like Tor. By hiding your IP address, you won’t be able to track your Bitcoin activity.

You can also join the bitcoin network as a full node. The only way to pinpoint a specific bitcoin transaction worth a particular value that you made with a full node client would be to relay all the transactions.

Utilize BTC mixing services

It is highly beneficial to use a bitcoin mixer to hide your bitcoin transaction history or to break the link between your BTC address and your bitcoin transaction history.

What is the mechanism by which mixing achieves this? Using independent BTC addresses, the same bitcoin value can be received and sent back. Bitcoin addresses with the same value can also be exchanged (BTC addresses).

Bitcoin addresses should never be posted on public forums

The public disclosure of your Bitcoin address is not advisable if you are a responsible bitcoin user. If you perform any bitcoin transactions or purchases using BTC, you must never share information about them. Identifying your bitcoin addresses could be possible as a result.

Avoid using the same bitcoin address repeatedly. Hackers and online thieves might target you if you reuse BTC addresses as proof that you are an active bitcoin user.

Having your bitcoin addresses published is a necessity (to receive payments). As mentioned above, mix or use Tor. It is important to remove all evidence and traces of your involvement in the Bitcoin network.

Make BTC payments with a log-less VPN

Virtual private networks with log-less encryption do not store your browsing history.

Every message sent from your computer/phone is encrypted before it reaches its destination, and it must then pass through multiple servers (chosen by you) in various locations in order to reach it.

In some instances, log-less VPNs share IP addresses among multiple users, making it impossible to trace the identity of a particular user online.

Your Bitcoin transaction activities must be trusted not to be logged by the VPN provider.

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